2011: A Year in Books

So, gang, here is how 2011 shipped up:

2011 So far ...

  1. "Teeth: Vampire Tales"
  2. "Zombies vs. Unicorns"
  3. Aguirre, Ann "Enclave"
  4. Angelini, Josphine "Starcrossed"
  5. Barnes, Jennifer Lynn "Raised by Wolves"
  6. Beaudoin, Sean "Fade to Blue"
  7. Bell, Alden "The Reapers are the Angels"
  8. Black, Holly "Red Glove"
  9. Black, Holly "Tithe"
  10. Black, Holly "White Cat"
  11. Brown, Carolyn "I love this Bar"
  12. Caine, Rachel "Carpe Corpus"
  13. Caine, Rachel "Lord of Misrule"
  14. Caine, Rachel "Midnight Alley"
  15. Caine, Rachel "The Dead Girl's Dance"
  16. Caine, Rachel "The Feast of Fools"
  17. Caine, Rachel "Working Stiff
  18. Caine, Rachel "Working Stiff"
  19. Carriger, Gail "Blameless"
  20. Carriger, Gail "Changeless"
  21. Carriger, Gail "Soulless"
  22. Coben, Harlan "The Woods"
  23. Connolly, John "The Gates"
  24. Connolly, John "Nocturnes"
  25. Daniels, B.J. "Smokin' Six Shooter"
  26. Dekker, Ted "Boneman's Daughters"
  27. Derting, Kimberly "The Body Finder"
  28. Dodd, Christina "Storm of Visions"
  29. Dodd, Christina "The Barefoot Princess"
  30. du Maurier, Daphne "The Scapegoat"
  31. Fforde, Jasper "First Among Sequels"
  32. Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret "Beautiful Creatures"
  33. Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret "Beautiful Darkness"
  34. Graham, Jo "Black Ships"
  35. Grange, Amanda "Mr. Darcy, Vampyr"
  36. Haddon, Mark "The Incident with the Dog in the Night"
  37. Haig, Matt "The Radleys"
  38. Harkness, Deborah "A Discovery of Witches"
  39. Hill, Sandra "The Viking Takes a Knight"
  40. Hockensmith, Steve "PPZ: Dreadfully Ever After"
  41. Hoffman, Alice "Practical Magic"
  42. Howe, Katherine "The Physik Book of Deliverance Dane"
  43. James, Eloise "Storming the Castle"
  44. James, P.D. "Death in Holy Orders"
  45. James, Syrie "Dracula, My Love"
  46. Kate, Lauren "Fallen"
  47. King, Stephen "Under the Dome"
  48. Kinsella, Sophie "Can You Keep a Secret?"
  49. Lanagan, Margo "Tender Morsels"
  50. Larsson, Steig "The Girl Who Played with Fire"
  51. Lore, Pittacus "I am Number Four"
  52. Mabury, Jonathan "Rot & Ruin"
  53. Maguire, Gregory "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister"
  54. Marr, Melissa "Graveminder"
  55. McCann, Lisa "Cryer's Cross"
  56. Medeiros, Teresa
  57. Medeiros, Teresa "Some Like it Wicked"
  58. Medeiros, Teresa "Some Like it Wild"
  59. Medeiros, Teresa "The Devil Wears Plaid"
  60. Moody, David "Dog Blood"
  61. Moorat, A.E. "Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter"
  62. Pearce, Jackson "Sisters Red"
  63. Priest, Cherie "Blood Shot"
  64. Reeves, Dia "Bleeding Violet"
  65. Rich, Roberta "The Midwife of Venice"
  66. Robards, Karen "Shattered"
  67. Robbards, KAren "Green Eyes"
  68. Ryan, Carrie "The Dark and Hollow Places"
  69. Ryan, Carrie "The Dead-Tossed Waves"
  70. Setterfield, Diana "The Thirteenth Tale"
  71. Steifvater, Maggie "Forever"
  72. Stockett, Kathryn "The Help"
  73. Stross, Charles "Overtime"
  74. Sunny "Lucinda, Darkly"
  75. Swann, Leonie "Three Bags Full"
  76. Teirnan, Caitlin R. "The Red Tree"
  77. Willig, Lauren "The Deception of the Emerald Ring"
  78. Willig, Lauren "The Masque of the Black Tulip"
  79. Willig, Lauren "The Seduction of the Crimson Rose"
  80. Willig, Lauren "The Temptation of the Night Jasmine"
  81. Winters, Ben H. "Bedbugs"
  82. Yancy, Rick "The Monstrumologist"
  83. Young, Sam "Lunarmorte"
  84. Yovanoff, Brenna "The Replacement"

We have:
-       84 books
-       10 Dystopian
-       14 Shifter
-       19 Vampire
-       32 Young Adults
-       3 of 7 Challenges Completed.

2011 in terms of books was actually not that great – my fault, really – I kind of bit off more than I could chew in a year full of bar exams, new jobs, etc. But I was introduced to new authors, and I have amassed quite the library for 2012  - which will be highlighted in the next post!