Monday, September 27, 2010

Forever, Last Sacrifice and ... an awful baked good.

Yes, long time and all that.

Bad news: I have just tried to eat the world's worst cinnamon bun - no seriously, it was awful - so awful I would mount a campaign against the University of Windsor ... except I lack energy due to the fact that the cinnamon bun was so awful, I didn't finish it...

Anyways, onto the good news!
I am so super duper excited for a few books that are coming out soon!

The first on this list is "Forever" by Maggie Stiefvater - the LAST of the Shiver trilogy I fell in love with this summer!

Here is the cover (just released!) and information on how to pre order!

Brilliant cover, eh? Love the colour too!
The trilogy (Also known as the Mercy Falls Wolves Trilogy) is about a girl named Grace and a boy named Sam - or inititally that's what it seems like. Now, I am a rabid (ha ha ha) fan of werewolves - love the movies, love the books, love the mythos. And this is no different in that respect.
HOWEVER - Steifvater is brilliant in her execution of the genre - that is, she made it new again. All the underlying themes and such are there, but the treatement of the werewolf "curse" is very different, and this comes out especially in sexy and troubled character Cole. Seriously - do yourselves a favour and read it, it is an excellent foray into the genre.

Other ones I am looking forward to:

The Last Sacrifice!
Yes - And with that ominous title, I have to admit I am worried. Not only is it the last one in the series, but Mead has no problem killing off characters - and I like my characters! Now I hate the cover, but am hotly anticipating the book - like, hotly.
Here's the cover and pre order info:

That's it for now - two ends to two great series.
Dammnit, I can't wait but I do not want it to end ....

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