Monday, March 5, 2012

And I am back!

Followers! My dear, dear Followers!

I am back - back to work, and to real life, and to everything before I put my whole life on hold for the New York Bar Exam!

Which also means back to blogging!

Again, I am so sorry for being such a flake - every time I looked at my laptop and thought about blogging, my chest would seize and I would pick up one of my study books and devour it. But now I am back, and ready to be a full all-around participant of the blogosphere.

And to start: some changes!

I have put up the Challenges I am doing in 2012 - there are a few ... heh heh. They are:

(1) Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - Already put a dent in that one with a few books I read this year, including Heartless, The Sisters Brothers, and Night's Rose - reviews all coming soon!

(2) The Dystopia Challenge - No dents in this one yet - though on my TBR list are books such as Wither, Hollowlands series, and a few zombie novels that have caught my eye ...

(3) Romance Reading Challenge - given the amount of romance novels I consume a year, this ought to be a fun if breezy challenge! I already added two Elizabeth Hoyt books to this pile, and plan on reading the other two in this series, the Lori Foster and Christina Dodd books I have been ignoring in favour of law books these days, and a few recommended reads from Smithy and McPolski, both of whom are eager that I get started!

(4) Off The Shelf - Oh yes! I failed miserably last year - getting done only 40 of my projected 75, but with bar exams behind me (with any luck ...) I should be better able to get started and finish this one. All the books this year were on my TBR list, so ... so far so good!

(5) Immortal Reading Challenge - I couldn't find a stand alone challenge for Vampires, Shifters, etc. so I opted for this gorgeously designed and variety one - it looks good! And I have so many books I plan to read that will fit right in.

(6) TBR Pile - So this is a little like the "Off The Shelf" - in that most of my TBR pile is currently sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read. I chose the "50" option - should be fun!

(7) Steampunk Reading Challenge - this genre is my fondest at the moment - leading the Boy to many comments about my "obsession" (like when I saw something entitled The Steampunk Dictionary in a window in Boston and proceeded to squeal in delight). Asides from the last book in the Parasol Protectorate series (sniff), I also have the books in Cherie Priest's steampunk series to finish, and a few other ones that have hung around the periphery of my shelf... yay! 

(8) Zombie Challenge - Oh come now, you knew I had to go here ... heh heh heh.

Yes, I cut my original list a lot ... from 23 to 8. Yay! But I am super excited to start the reading this year and I am happy that you are here to join me!

Stay tuned - lots more changes ahead! :)

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