Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

In honour of today - the day where the thin membrane between this world and all others is at its thinnest, I will give you a list of my top ten Halloween Movies and Books!



Ammy’s Top Ten Scary Movies for Halloween
10)      Darkness Falls
9)       Halloween
8)       Night of the Living Dead
7)       Pontypool
6)       Sleepy Hollow
5)       The Hamiltons
4)       Carnival of Souls
3)       The Howling
2)       The Shining
1)       Trick R Treat

Ammy’s Top Ten Funny Movies for Halloween
10)      Halloweentown
9)       Scary Movie
8)       Black Sheep
7)       Shaun of the Dead
6)       Wallace and Gromit: The Wererabbit
5)       Boy Eats Girl
4)       The Mummy
3)       Fright Night
2)       Zombieland
1)       Hocus Pocus

Ammy’s Top Ten Books to read for Halloween
10)  The Witch of Blackbury Pond
9)   World War Z
8)   Bedbugs
7)   The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
6)   A Discovery of WItches
5)   Rebecca
4)   The Vampire Lestat
3)   The Mayfair Witches
2)   The Raven
1)    The Woman in Black

 Happy Halloween!


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