Sunday, October 30, 2011

Team Z: My (totally unbiased) review of Zombies vs. Unicorns

Happy Devil’s Nights, Bloggers!
Being far from the Mischeif in Detroit, it feels kind of hollow, but hey! It’s still my favourite time of the year!

For that, I am (finally) going to review the anthology of awesomeness – “Zombies vs. Unicorns”, which I have been meaning to review since January! Enjoy, Bloggers! And get up to some mischief!

So, without further delay:
(1)           My Favourite Zombie Story: Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare

Was so hard to choose just one story – it really was, but Clare’s story won out for sheer originality! In this story we are introduced to a town where the dead just don’t stay dead – instead they are like traditional slave zombies – they kind of shamble along and help out the living. Introduce a love story with a sinister twist – every Hamlet in a sense – but a great story!

(2)          My favourite Unicorn Story: The Care and Feeding of your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund

Was hard to choose this one over the ones titled Princess Prettypants and such, but ultimately I liked this heroine better than all theothers – she’s a scaredy cat with deep issues but hey – she rises to the occasion. It was a strange kind of story – almost like a Vampire Slayer type mythos, but it was original – unicorns were scary – and I liked it!  

(3)          Other Thoughts:
Now, I am a Holly Black fan, it's true. But I had never heard of Justone Larbalstier before (much to my own dismay as it turns out). These two are the editors of ZvU - and they make all the stories infinitely better with their witty banter and good, fair points. Holly is Team U and Justine is Team Z - and at the end, of course Team Z wins, right? Anyways ...

The editors made the whole enthology tie together – in a very competitive and thus funny way. It was so well done that I looked forward to their comments almost more than the stories themselves! 

All in all – this book is a must read – for anyone in the Halloween Spirit!

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Happy Devil’s Night! 


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