Friday, June 18, 2010

There be changes ...

So how do you like all the new changes to the blog as I learn how to use the internet? I am experimenting still - there are all these "upload this!" and "personalize that!" s that I have yet to truly figure out. It's fun, though, so go figure?

Anyways - 'tis summer!(Almost)

And with summer every four years comes - World Cup! :D

I, being a European Canadian with immigrant parents and a WASP boyfriend - LOVE World Cup (and soccer, too, I guess). Of course, I have decided Portugal must win this time! (Cry with me if you know anything about World Cup because the last game, they tied with the Ivory Coast - they have an awesome team. Next they are against North Korea - I will refrain from commenting on the North Korean's "soccer" and then they face Brasil. Good Goddess, I am nervous just thinking about it.). You will all vote for Portugal, right? :)

I am also cheering on (in no particular order) Argentina, Nigeria, South Africa, Paraguay, South Korea, New Zealand and the US. Personally, I think it is time some country that is not in the EU or South America, ought to win. There are some brilliant teams - brilliant. 4 years ago, Trinidad and Tobago were an excellent team - they had finesse, they were fast - they were an altogether excellent candidate for World Cup. Because of a questionable call by the ref, England beat them, kicking them out of the race (it ended in a depressingly terrible game between Germany and Italy - and the best was my professor was German, they lost, and he kicked out everyone with an Italian jersey - ha ha ha)/

In Ontario, the bars are now open from 10 am to accommodate the time difference in the games! The government is acting like this is some kind of favour they're doing us ... I want to tell them that their alcohol laws are archaic and they reflect the prohibition times we were supposed to have left a long time ago. In Ontario the drinking age is 19 (18 in most of the rest of Canada) which is ridiculous, considering you can vote, get married, hold office, etc. at 18.

Ranting aside, I plan on working this blog alot more - so check back often!
Cheers! :D

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