Saturday, June 12, 2010

UK Giveaway at the Book Smugglers!

Obsessed as I am with books and all things book-y, I read this blog religiously. The two reviewers i.e., the smugglers - are Ana and Thea, and I find their enthusiasm and detail amazing. They truly are an excellent compass by which to navigate the book world! I really like the different things they cover, too - like "Covers Matter", which I intend to start on this, too ... when I find that ever elusive time thing ....

Anyways, there is a contest on their website right now, hosted also by Simon & Schuster UK. I highky recommend going over there and checking it out - it has a load of girly-scream-worthy books to giveaway!

Here's the link: http:

Good luck! (But I kind of hope I win! :P)

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