Monday, November 15, 2010

Because I love Baking (and sometimes Cooking) and books, I decided - why not start a monthly or so post on a recipe book? There are plenty around, and hell - I wouldn't mind the excuse to try them out and review! (Also - recommend away, my Followers!)
So we begin with: Recipes Every Man Should Know by Susan Russo and Brett Cohen

Now, I got this from Quirk directly - and may I say, I love them. LOVE. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies? Hell Yeah. Sense, Senibility and Sea Monsters? F*ck yeah! Added to this now they have practical and awesome things like recipe books!? Yes yes yes!

With that intro ...

This will not be a full review of REMSK - I just have no time right now to actually do it, unfortunately. With essays, exam prep, a Regency Christmas dinner party to help plan, and NANOWRIMO ... well, this will have be part one of a two -part post.

Part One: The Book itself.
Part Two: Recipes in the Book - by a Man (BF Post!)

And here we go:

Part One: The Book.

Oh Hell Yeah.

It's a little black book - seriously, those who market at Quirk are awesome idea makers - can you believe they thought of this? Kudos to them - it is brilliant! A little black book ...

Anyways, let's open it and dive in:

It begins with - An Introduction

"So, why should men cook?
1. Women think men who cook are sexy.
2. It involves fire, sharp instruments, and meat.
3. Women who think men who cook are sexy, and it involves fire, sharp instruments and meat. "

Oh yes. I must keep reading now, right?

Next it has a comprehensive Kitchen Tool section - with pictures! This is amazing! I mean - never again will I yell at BF "How do you not know what a microplane grater is? The thing with the holes and the sharp bits you use to grate lemon, dammnit!" Oh! Happy Day! :D

And after that - Cooking Terms! Cooking Terms! :D I mean, it has broil, and parbroil! Saute and Sear! Mince, and fry and dice and panfry! This is the awesome! Cannot wait to get home and force BF to make use of these!

And then we get into the real meat (har har) of it.

Here are the Contents:
(1) Hearty Breakfast Classics
(2) Sandwiches, Burgers & Snacks
(3) Meat & Potato Dinners
(4) Beer, Bacon & Bar Food
(5) Chocolate, Cheesecake & More

(Can you guess which one I want BF to make use of first??)

Really, it has all the essentials starting with an awesome breakfast. Now - I said I don't have time for all the recipes, but I did try out the greatness that is page 18 - that is, A Great Cup of Joe!

Yes - starting the day off with some caffeine! :D

It's only one page and more a bunch of suggestions instead of a recipe itself - but I decided to follow it last friday - and yummy of yumminess - it was good! (it might have also helped that I finally went out and bought some soy milk - the real stuff was killing me).

Alrighty - so that is Part One - CANNOT WAIT to get home in December and get started on Part Two! :D

Anyways, there may or may not be another post later today (it's a slow, I hate myself for choosing law day).

Cheerio kiddies!


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