Friday, November 26, 2010

NANOWRIMO Conqqueror!

Boo yeah, 2010 Nanowrimo! I have came-saw-conquered you! Muha ha ha ha!

50k+ words, yo! :D

Okay, now that the stressed out student with the spamsic yelling is out of my system .... here's the link to my post on Nanowrimo on The Crooked Shelf. Take your time, I can wait.


Now that you're back - a few orders of business!

(1) Exams and essays are still ... unfortunately ... my main priority these days ... *shakes fist in the air* 18 days to go ....

(2) I am still posting contests and other content... and trying to read as much as possible.

(3) My book review order will be posted soon!

Anyways, Happy Turkey day to my Americans! Happy Black Friday, also! (And to all those Canadians like me who got DVDs for $1.99 this morning ...)

Til later, cheerio! :D

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  1. More Nano Love!