Friday, November 19, 2010

Savvy ...

Savvy Reader is a branch off of Harper Collins, and they have just launched a new website (which is tres nice!) Anyways, they do have a contest (of course they do!) here, and it's a pretty sweet deal, so go check it out.

The website itself is pretty epic, not gonna lie - has loads of goodies, and content, so I am happy with it. I have been getting emailed newsletters from them for a while now, so this was just the next step for me, I guess.

I just wanted to mention one particular article on their website, found here: How to write a book review ... I think I liked this because it is honest - what you should write. I think I would have liked to condense this into a checklist for myself, but I am way too tired, and too hopped on legalese (read: sick of essays, sick of exams - no longer care what a secured transaction is)to actually do it now. Maybe at Xmas time ...

Anyways, enjoy, kiddies! :)


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