Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Smokin' Six Shooter

Recently I received a book from My Overstuffed Bookcase - "Smoking Six Shooter" by B.J. Daniels. There it sat, on my night side table, overshadowed by times of legal text that were killing my time ... then I got home, was exhausted and wanted something light and fun, with a mystery attached. So I picked it up.

Russell Corbett was all cowboy and wasn't about to let a lady lasso him! But Dulcie Hughes had him tied up in knots from the moment she nearly collided with his combine. She rode into town with her fancy rental car and city clothes to claim her secret inheritance. And neither tall tale nor handsome rancher would deter her from exposing a years-old cover-up at the Beaumont property. She expected to find answers, not fall in love. But like the threatening thunderhead on the horizon, the truth would come fast and fierce, and there would be no escaping the consequences.
 Now our love struck couple doesn't have the easiest time ... he nearly hits her with a trailer thing. It is not Dulcie's finest moment. She comes to some rural ranch country place looking at a piece of land that she inherited and is thwarted at every turn, and met with a mystery.

Years ago, a woman died in the house she inherited.

And as Dulcie begins unravelling it, the killer seems to be coming out of the past to track her down.

One of my favourite things about Harlequin Intrigue is the fact that the authors put effort into balancing the mystery of the story with the romance of it - and usually they pull it off. The heat was there in this book - Dulcie and Russell have heat - though I wouldn't have minded a ... shall we say ... more descriptive heat.

Heh heh

But the mystery - the mystery was there - in all its creepy glory! It was really well done! It had me going, with plenty of suspects and layers of lies and stories.

I would recommend this for those who are more into the mystery side of things, then the romance - which you wouldn't normally expect from Harlequin. :)

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