Friday, September 16, 2011

Week from Hell...

This is what happened this week:
  • I nearly got hit by three cars on two seperate days, all with people who ran red lights, all to get to a gas station.
  • A cop SUV curbed itself two feet from me
  • I saw four accidents on the walk to work 
  • I developed a rash on one of my ankles that is both mysterious and painfully itchy
  • I ripped my favourite coat
  • I was informed that the ring I ordered was lost in the mail 
  • And now: My harddrive is broken and I have no computer for the forseeable future ... 

On the plus side: I bought a house. Yay to debt.

Hopefully next week will be better - in the meantime, since I only have the computer at work to post things - expect delays. So sorry! And just as I was getting into the post-a-day groove, too... AND I just recieved "Bedbugs" from Quirk this morning and am so gushign about it, too!

Anyways, will be back! Winston the Laptop cannot truly be dead ... right?

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