Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How do you know when your mandarin has fermented?

This is a serious question - my mandarins taste like wine ... is that normal?

Mmmm... wine.....

And back to business!
Today - a review! But of what you say? I say:

Yes - it is not fiction. But it almost reads as if it were some sort of apocalyptic text: the end of the world through 20th century gastronomy!
An in-depth exposĂ© of how the modern food system is putting our food supply in serious danger—with startling new evidence and guidance on what we can do to reclaim control of what we eat.

IN THE END OF FOOD, award-winning Canadian journalist and part-time farmer Thomas F. Pawlick documents the impending food crisis and traces its direct cause to the harmful methods of food production and processing currently used by the so-called agri-food industries—a corporate-run “factory farm” system that increasingly values profits over nourishment—to the detriment of everyone’s health and well-being. It’s a bleak picture, backed by hard-hitting evidence and true stories, but Pawlick makes it abundantly clear that it is not too late and devotes the latter part of the book to the many ways that ordinary citizens can take back control of the food supply by becoming active on a local level. This is an essential handbook for informing ourselves about the frightening but real decline of the quality of the food we eat and a self-defense guide to what everyone can do to put a stop to it.

It starts with a sorry story of a tomato and goes on to both terrify and mobilize people.

I must say - when my Boyfriend's little sister gave this to me and told me to read it, I was initially annoyed with it - I mean, isn't it bad enough I feel bad eating everything anyway? Now this Pawlick fellow has to make it worse? Dammnit.

Oh but, ladies and gentlemen, it was good. Very good.

I could not put it down the whole day, I just kept being horrified by facts and figures - only putting a bookmark in to run to wikipedia to verify things. And verification is what I got. Scary right?

I can't really go into the content, unfortunately - that is part of the magic of the book, but his writing style is clean and even slightly story-like, which I think is probably through the fact that he does tell a story here - a story about the destruction of our own natural resources.

I highly recommend this - especially for those who still believe tomatoes taste the same as they did when you were a kid!


Also, my Mom read my book.

I asked her what she thought.

Her response: "I don't understand why you have to put sex in it."

Thank, Mom :)

Cheerio all!

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