Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Professor's tie was Winnie the Pooh on it....

... And that's when you know it will be a good class! :D

Tally-ho, Readers! (All 2 of you!)
So my Mom finished the book I wrote. Her initial comment was "It's good." and me, not being satisfied with good comments and requiring some sort of criticism (either because I have a negative personality or because I hate myself, I don't know) from my Mother, urged her to come forward and spill her guts all over my work. So she said: "I am not sure why you need your characters having sex - it doesn't do anything to the plot, you know?".
Hrm ...
Things to ponder (though I respectively disagree with my Mother).

My Sister's comment after reading it was "I don't agree with Mom, but why did you leave it a cliff hanger? Did you just not finish it?"

Thanks, Blondie, Thanks.

Then other sister read it and her comment was: "I finished one whole book! You should be rpoud of me and impressed - why do I have to give you feedback!?"

Me: "You're my target audience."

Her : "You wrote this for me!?"

Me. *bangs head on desk* "No .... you're between the ages of 16 and 24."

Her: "Yes. I am 17."

Me: *Looks around at the ceiling waiting for the cameras to roll out* "Yes, I am targeting this to your age group."

Her. *Pause* "Oh. Okay. Well - finish the next one, I want to know what happens."

Boyfriend is currently "reading it".
That means, for those who do not know him (i.e. everyone) that he leaves it next to his bed with a boommark in it so I see it when I come over, but doesn't actually have "anything to say because I want to read it all first" ... yeah ... "read", sure ....


Today seems like a posting day .... stay tuned! :D

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