Saturday, January 8, 2011

And then I saw another cool reading challenge ...

Over at Steampunkery & Book Reviews, a new challenge has caught my eye - it's a good one.

The Morbid-Romantica Challenge.

The categories are:

January: Nephilim -->

February: Vampire Hunters -->

March: Tormented Hero -->

April: Faery & Elves -->

May: Zombies -->

June: Shifters -->

July: Strong Females

August: Mermaids & Selkies

September: Dark Gothic Fantasy

October: Ghosts & Spirits

November: Steampunkery Romantica

December: Forbidden Romantica

Hm ... I am going to have to think about this! I wonder which books I will choose ....

Any recommendations?

PS. Who else is in love with these buttons??

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