Friday, January 7, 2011

Another kind of Undead ...

The Vampire Reading Challenge...

I love Vampires almost as much as I love Zombies (What? Don't judge - I refer you to "Doghouse", "Shaun of the Dead", "Fido" and George Romero)

For this challenge, Parajunkee is asking for 20 books, so ...

  1. "Teeth"
  2. Harris, Charlaine "Club Dead"
  3. Grange, Amanda "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre"
  4. Cary, Kate "Bloodline"
  5. de la Cruz, Melissa "Blue Bloods"
  6. de la Cruz, Melissa "Masquerade"
  7. Barant, D.D. "Dying Bites"
  8. Cronin, Justin "The Passage"
  9. Grahame-Smith, Seth "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"
  10. Steakly, John - "Vampire$"
  11. James, Syrie "Dracula, my Love"
  12. Caine, Rachel "The Dead Girl Dance"
  13. Caine, Rachel "Midnight Alley"
  14. Caine Rachel "Feast of Fools"
  15. Caine, Rachel "Lord of Misrule"
  16. Cast, P.C. & Kristen "Betrayed"
  17. Cast, P.C. & Kristen "Chosen"
  18. Cast, P.C. & Kristen "Untamed"
  19. Cast, P.C. & Kristen "Hunted"
  20. Cast, P.C. & Kristen "Tempted"
Again, tentative - there are a few vamp books, I need to buy and read - like the two sequels to David Wellington's 13 Bullets. And Fangland.

Any more recommendations?

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