Friday, January 7, 2011

Moooooan .... Braaaains ...

So for the Zombie Challenge, I have also made a tentative list!

(distracted - Mmmm Love Zombies ...)

On a sidenote, the BF implicitly agreed to have a marathon of Zombie movies with me ... he didn't say no, so I assume when I said "We;ll start with Dance of the Dead, move to Resident Evil, round it off with Doghouse and then finish it off with either Fido or Boy Eats Girl..." he was agreeing.

So here's the list:

  1. Ryan, Carrie "The Dead Tossed Waves"
  2. Ryan, Carrie "The Dark and Hollow Places"
  3. "Zombies vs. Unicorns"
  4. Preist, Cherie "Clementine" (Zombies = "Rotters")
  5. Preist, Cherie "Dreadnought" (Zombies = "Rotters")
  6. Moorat, A.E. "Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter" (Where Zombies are Demons)
  7. Ford, Michael Thomas "Z"
  8. Waters, Daniel "Generation Dead"
  9. Moody, David "Dog Blood"
  10. Marburry, Jonathan "Rot and Ruin"

Sigh ... I have many alternates to ...
And these all (with the exception of "The Dark and Hollow Places") will also be a part of my "Off The Shelf" Challenge - yay! Birds and stones!

Any Zombie recommendations?

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