Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some late thoughts on 2010 ... and books.

Hey guys,
So I meant to write a bunch of reviews and such between Christmas and New Years and of course, got bogged down by family and Holidays and such. So, I will do them after new years, but would just like to say a few things before I start in:

(1) I completed my goal a long time ago: what this means? I need a harder one this year. I am thinking, 75 to 100 books for the coming year? Given the amount of really good looking books that are coming out soon ... there ought to be lots of inspiration! :D

(2) I read best when relaxed. This does not bode well as the school year closes ...

(3) I need to make a concerted effort to write the blog every night or every other night, or I won't do it.

I also joined a Challenge for this year! Historical Fiction (Sidebar on Left) I plan on joining more, but this one caught my eye - not only because it was the nicest button ever, but probably also because I was finishing up Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series while perusing the internet.

Anyways, that will do for now.
I have to type up more of my story to send to Smithy, as promised.


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