Friday, January 7, 2011

Shift this!

Oh yes, the post titles keep getting worse and worse ...

But this will be my 20 book Shifter tentative list:
(note: in the scale of love - shifters come second only to Zombies)

  1. Barant, D.D. - Dying Bites
  2. Cremer, Andrea - Nightshade
  3. Cremer, Andrea - Wolfsbane
  4. Stiefvater, Maggie - Forever
  5. Millar, Martin - Curse of the Werewolf Girl
  6. Kiernan, Caitlin - Low Red Moon
  7. Young, Sam - Lunamorte
  8. Despain, Bree - The Dark Divine
  9. Despain, Bree - The Lost Saint
  10. Pearce, Jackson - Sisters Red
  11. Carriger, Gail - Souless
  12. Carriger, Gail -Blameless
  13. Carriger, Gail -Changeless
  14. Barnes, Jennifer Lynn - Raised by Wolves
  15. Jonson, Christine - Claire de Lune
  16. Hawthorne, Rachel - Moonlight
  17. Hawthorne, Rachel - Full Moon
  18. Hawthorne, Rachel - Dark Side of the Moon
  19. Hawthorne, Rachel - Shadow of the Moon
  20. Blackley-Cartright, Sarah & Hardwicke, Catherine "Red Riding Hood"

Cannot wait to start! :D

Any more recommendations for me?


  1. Great list there lady!

    I don't know if this book changed my life but it defiantly turned me back into reading after a few year slump, Twilight. *shakes head* Yeah, I know... but what can I say.

    If you are looking for something different stop by for a guest audio review of the Mortal Instruments for the Morbid Romantica Challenge 2011. We are starting off with
    January:  Nephilim/Fallen Angels. 

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  2. Thanks MS!
    I have joined your Morbid Romantica Challenge and am super excited for it! Thanks for the link! :)