Friday, January 7, 2011

History in Fiction.

Like I mentioned, I am doing part of the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - which means, well - reading Historical Fiction. I decided I should probably get a list going, at least tentatively, disclosing what I want to read for this challenge, so here we go:

(1) Willig, Lauren - "Mask of the Black Tulip"
- HUGE Willig fan, also love fun historicals! It's a win-win
- Also, just got it ... yay!
(2) Willig, Lauren - "The Deception of the Emerald Ring"
- See above AND got it for Xmas from Smithy! :D
(3) Zusak, Markus, - "The Book Thief"
- Heard so many good things about it - and saw it at Winners for $3 - figured,
the universe was telling me to read it already!
(4) Lee, Y.S. - "The Agency"
- Won this in a contest and Y.S. Lee is just such a nice person, I can't wait to
read this!
(5) Moorat, A.E. - "Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter"
- Have had this one for a while - cannot wait to properly sink my teeth into it!
(6) Caldwell, Jack - "Pemberly Ranch"
- Just won this before the holidays - and tbh, I am looking forward to a Western
Romance written by a man ...
(7) Collins, Rebecca Ann - "The Legacy of Pemberly"
- won this one a while ago, too and have yet to start it! ( I left it at school for the
holidays ...)
(8) Westin, Jean - "His Last Letter"
- Won this back in November, but only got it now. It looks really good!
(9) Carr, Caleb - "The Alienist"
- Been wanting to read this for a while, but I read "The Angel of Darkness" first,
and was not emotionally ready to read all my favourite before the tragedies of
(10) Unsworth, Barry "Morality Play"
- got this as part of the "Fill a box with books for $5" sale at Inkling, which is sadly
closed now :(

Anyways, I will likely read more then this, but this is my tentative list - and as a bonus, all fit into my "Off the Shelf" challenge too!

Any recommendations for historical fiction?

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